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Aeroccino Milk Frother Write Up

The Areoccino 3 from Nespresso (lowest price here!) is a beautifully designed milk frother that will be able to make those coffee shop drinks everyone loves. With its chrome top and matt black sides, it is strikingly elegant. It will make a nice addition to your kitchen and won’t look out of place if taken to the table. These are some of the other reasons why this milk frother from Nespresso is so impressive.

  • Aeroccino 3It has a simple one-button operation that makes it very easy to operate. You only need one press for hot milk, or a long press for cold. The button also lights up so you can see when the milk is ready.
  • With duo whisk included, you can have frothed milk or whisked. The attachment can be separated so that you just get whisked milk for drinks such as hot chocolate or malted beverages. The frothing whisk will beat air into the milk as it heats to give you the authentic taste and texture.
  • The integrated motor and conductive drive system means this product is whisper quiet. It is great for dinner parties because it will work without a sound while you prepare the coffee.
  • The non-stick coating and removable whisks means the Areoccino 3 is very easy to clean. It doesn’t need scouring pads or a dishwasher, just a little washing liquid and water to rinse out after use.
  • With a frothing capacity of 120ml and a whisking capacity or 240ml, it is more than enough for a cup of coffee. It can also heat in a very short amount of time so you can make more than one drink quickly.

The Areoccino 3 from Nespresso is the perfect choice to create a nice latte or cappuccino. With its quiet operation and easy cleaning, you won’t have to worry about anything.

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