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Bodum Milk Frother Write Up

If you want your coffee with nice frothy milk on the top, but you don’t really want an electric frother, this might be what you need. The Bodum Chambord Milk Frother (lowest price here!) is designed to give you lovely frothy milk with little effort. It has a classic design that looks great and is easy to clean as well. Here are all the details of this milk frother.

  • Bodum Chambord Milk FrotherIt has a 0.25 L or 8 oz capacity that will give it plenty of room to accommodate the expended milk foam. This is enough for a cup of coffee and can be quickly reused if you are making more for guests.
  • It is made from heat resistant borosilicate glass to withstand the temperatures of the hot milk. This means you can use it without the worry of the glass breaking. It also gives the product a stylish look that won’t dull or cloud over time.
  • The lid is made from stainless steel for durability and easy cleaning. It goes well with the glass body and incorporates the whisk.
  • Both the lid and glass container are completely dishwasher safe. That is a great feature which will save you a lot of time having to wash it up after use.
  • The plunger is moved up and down in the pre heated milk to froth it to your desired texture. Once it is done, you can pour it straight from the container.

The Bodum Chambord Milk Frother is a nice, easy way to create frothy coffee the way you have it in the coffee shops. It has a tough and heat resistant glass container and sturdy lid that can give you many hours of happy coffee drinking. The classic design means that it won’t look odd in the kitchen or at the table which is an important consideration.

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